Hustlaball Awards 2016 Berlin

Hustlaball Awards 2016 Berlin

On, 21 . OCT . 2016: was the 8h Hustla Porn Awards  for European Gay Porn Industry.



The awards of the Porn industry in Europe . This year Men-com get lot of attention and superman and Battman was seen in many awards selections . Is Superman and Battman gay ?  On these scenes we seen  , Yes !

The Special Honorary Award of 2016 was given  to Michael Lucas –  Lucas entertainment  for his responsblity factor in the industry .




Special Honorary Award of 2016 goes to Michael Lucas -  Lucas entertainment


Michael Lucas (photo)


It’s the night of HustlaBall Berlin 2016 in Germany full of gay porn stars …

And the winners are revealed and awarded at Hustlaball AwardsCeremony on 21st of October 2016, at KitKatClub in Berlin.

As you can see in the video , The show itself was very poor organised this year. Please note : The Hustlaball Berlin dissociates itself expressly from the HustlaBall Award 2016. It is an external event of Fostter Rieviera Productions!




The Winners 2016 are :

Best Non-EU Studio 2016:  ( US)

Best Mobile App 2016: Grindr

Best Mans Wear Brand 2016: ES Collection

Best Bareback Scene 2016: HardXsport – Macho facory

Best Group scene 2016 : BullFight vol.4 – Hardlinks

Best Hunk scene 2016 : Tim Kruger & Daruis Ferdfynand – Tim Tales

Best Porn News Website  or blog 2016 : Queerpig .com

Best Escort website 2016 :

Best Twink scene 2016: Tony Coirad

Best Fetish scene 2016 : Louis Ricale Globe Hole – Fucker Mate

Best scene 2016 : Apocalips part 4 – Mens

Best Bottom actor 2016 : Gaston Groupler

Best Director 2016 : Alter Sin

Best Versatile actor 2016 : Damien Croupe

Best Newcommer 2016 : Corry Prinicle

Best Dating Website 2016 : Planet Romeo

Best Screenplay : Batman vS Superman

Best Studio 2016 :Fucker Mate

Best Porn Star 2016 :  Victr Rom

Best Top actor 2016 : Brute Ciub



Full version on YouTube (as it was)  :